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Reverse Vending Machines


A Deposit Return Scheme in Ireland will launch February 1st 2024

Proserve's Sister company Nesty are the Sole Distributors and Installers of Reverse Vending Machines from AKE Teknoloji

Approved For The Deposit Return Scheme

Supplied, Installed & Maintained by Nesty in Ireland & UK

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Reverse Vending

  • Combining Recycling with Technology


  • Blending Innovation and Quality

  • AKE RVM's Accept Only Valid Plastic Bottles and

       Aluminium Cans

  •  Any Bottle or Can That is Not Empty is Rejected

  •  Fast Identification with 360° Barcode Scanning

  •  Processing Speed of 45 Items per Minute

  • Items are Compacted To Save Space Internally

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Help Your Customers

• Customers can be rewarded for their recycling efforts through vouchers and encouraged to spend them in your own business, with remote management software enabling new rewards or offers to be delivered to multiple machines at the push of a button.

• Safety features ensure that if a hand or object that is not meant to go into the machine is scanned by the advanced sensors, the machine stops operating and a warning message appears on screen advising customers how to proceed.

• Accepts empty items up to 3 litres in size. Items must be empty before being accepted.

• Any container containing liquids will be returned automatically to the customer, with instructions appearing on the screen advising customers how to proceed.

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Remote Management Technology

  • Every transaction can be individually traced through AKE online portal​.

  • Access machine storage levels and operational status in each location.

  • Remotely set opening and closing time for each machine.

Customer Convenience

  • Proserve's RVM can be installed indoors or outdoors. To give customers shelter while recycling their items, Nesty can provide a Pod to house the RVM in your car park or a space near the shop entrance.

  • With it's patented technology AKE machines identify and separate qualified items.

  • The accumulating value of returns is displayed on the 15" HD screen.  

  • When finished the customer receives a voucher worth the total of their returns with a unique bar code number.

  • In the shop, the voucher is scanned and credit given. The voucher will be rejected if it was previously redeemed.

  • Retailors must be Compliant with Reverse Vending Legislation.

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