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High Impact Messaging

Video content in any business is hugely important nowadays

as the attention span of people is getting shorter, so retailers need to instantly capture and engage the casual customer who is passing,

or even inside their store to upsell products with higher margins.

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Dynamic signage and moving images in-store make the shopper look at the products
involved, even if they have no intention of buying that product at that time,

they still get an image imprinted into their sub-conscious.

Proserve and our Sister company Nesty are Distributors and

Installers Nationwide of a range of new visually stunning displays including:

Shelf Edges – For Supermarkets – High Street Shops – Duty Free Shops

 Wall Mounted Digital Displays – Highlight Weekly Offers or New Stock Arrivals

 Video Walls – Seamlessly join between one and ten Floor Mounted Display Posters up to 3 metres tall x 1 metre wide

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Perfect for supermarkets and any retail space to show offers, pricing, video or still images, or corporate advertisements running on other media channels.

Video walls are ideal for car showrooms and corporate presentations

to create an unbeatable HD display screen.

All displays can be logged into and remotely managed from one location.

 Displays can be made into curved or round shapes offering incredible

design possibilities for architects and interior designers.

With many options for both Indoor and Outdoor usage, email to discuss how Digital Displays can make your products really stand out from the rest.

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